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Basic Deep Cleansing Facial

This basic facial is designed to be the first step towards healthy skin.  An enzyme scrub helps to loosen clogged pores, exfoliates the skin, and helps with eliminating imperfections such as blemishes, and blackheads. After steam and extraction, a personalized mask is applied for your skin’s specific needs. 

50 min/$55

Essential European Facial  

This European facial includes a relaxing shoulder, décolleté, and face massage, along with a hand and arm massage. Enzymes are used to eliminate dead cells and clear clogged pores. A mask and moisturizer that best suit your skin are then applied to restore moisture . Your skin will be nourished and revitalized, with a healthy glow.


Purity Treatment

Beautiful skin is skin that has been thoroughly cleansed. Deep cleansing is important to rid the skin of impurities.
this treatment acts simultaneously on both sweat and sebaceous glands which aids to unclog the pores, rids the skin of toxins, and sebum. The skin looks cleaner, radiant and relaxed.

1 hr/$65

Teen Facial

This deep-cleansing treatment is specifically designed for young, teenage skin.  It focuses on proper cleansing to maintain a healthy ph-balance which helps to regulate the production of sebum and irritation. A gentle enzyme is applied with  steam. This is followed with light extraction if needed.  The facial is finished with a calming mask. In addition, you will also learn the necessary steps to a healthy skincare lifestyle.

45 min/$45

Acne Treatment

This treatment is good for skin types who struggle with blackheads, whiteheads and acne. This facial cleanses and purifies the skin by preventing the development of bacteria and removing toxins. It also features Galvanic Current which tackles sebaceous blockage and reduces bacterial proliferation. This technical treatment has miraculous results on keratinized skin with imperfections. The skin looks, refined, clearer, and relaxed.

1 hr 15 min/$75

Youth Anti-Aging

This facial is designed to combat the early signs of aging and maintain youthfulness in young adult skin. A combination of marine AHAs and BHAs are used to exfoliate and smooth fine lines and wrinkles. This facial invigorates your skin with customized serums that help prevent premature aging. A relaxing shoulder, décolleté, and face massage, and finally an anti-aging mask is applied.  Your complexion will be smooth, even, and have a luminous glow!

1hr 10min/$85 

Intense Eye-Radiance Treatment

This refreshing, relaxing treatment is dedicated to the restoring beauty and youthfulness to the eyes. It includes a massage designed for the delicate tissue around the eyes. A special serum is applied to help to reduce puffiness, lines and dehydration, leaving the eye contour area revitalized and radiant. This can be added to any facial treatment! 

45 min/$45

Aromatherapy Facial

This soothing treatment combines essential oils, plant extracts and a massage to hydrate, balance, and energize the skin. 
Effleurage and a pressure point massage assure deep penetration to balance, refresh and calm skin as well as promote relaxation and well-being. Plant concentrates are rich in active ingredients which supply the skin with essential vitamins and nutrients. A custom made mask blended with plant concentrates, calms the face leaving the skin glowing.

75 min/$90

Ultra Hydrating Anti-Aging Facial

The Ultra Hydrating Anti-Aging Facial is the perfect remedy for dull and dehydrated skin. A powerful combination of marine AHAs and BHAs exfoliate and smooth fine lines and wrinkles.  This facial include Galvanic Current which will increase penetration of specific serums deep into the skin, and re-establish cellular activity by stimulating your connective tissue and encouraging collagen and elastin production. This treatment also includes a shoulder, décolleté, and face massage along with an extreme hydration peel off mask.

1hr 15min/$95

Guinot's PH Hydra Peel

The power of FOUR: The Hydra Peel PH treatment exfoliates, resurfaces, moisturizes and renews the skin.  Hydra Peel PH using Phytic Acid and Biolactione, minimizes brown spots, smooths out the texture of the skin, increases radiance, minimizes signs of aging and deeply moisturizes the skin. Your skin will look and feel cleaner and fresher, regaining its luminosity. The latest in cosmetic peels, the Guinot's Hydra Peel will leave your skin NEW

75 minutes $100   (includes facial & upper body massage)

Delicate Sensitive Skin Treatment

This is a unique facial treatment created to reduce redness associated with Rosacea. Active ingredients refine the texture of the skin,  clear clogged pores, and calm the skin. It also includes Galvanic Current with skin-calming serums. This treatment also includes a shoulder, décolleté, and face massage along with a special soothing mask.

1 hr 15min/$90


Guinot’s Summum Anti-Age Vitamin C Facial

This revolutionary French active treatment will leave your skin hydrated, firm and glowing.

  • Firms and brightens the skin

  • Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles

  • Evens out skin tone, repairs sun damage and increase moisture

 Personalized dermabrasion cream followed by a signature anti-aging massage with Pure Vitamin C, Pro-Collagen and Guinot’s exclusive 56 actives will give you the maximum results for anti-aging, brightening and an even complexion.

1 hr 10min/$110

Back Facial

This treatment deeply cleans the back and helps to eliminate impurities.  Steam and an enzymatic scrub are applied and are followed by extractions and a light effleurage massage. The treatment is finished with a therapeutic mask.

45 min/$50